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4h 30min

Equestrian trail number 7

Trail from the excursion site winery Micak (Podgorje Bistričko) over Konjščina to the Equestrian Club KK Budinščina (Budinščina)

Equestrian trail number 7 is divided in two sections. The first section passes through a hilly, mostly forest area between Marija Bistrica and Konjščina. The second section passes through the flat terrain of the Krapina river valley from Konjščina to Budinščina.

  1. The trail begins at the excursion site winery Micak at the foot of the hill Komarovec, in the village Podgorje Bistričko. The trail follows the asphalted road in the north direction, across the stream Bistrica and through the center of Marija Bistrica.
  2. Just above the center, the trail follows the asphalted road uphill through the village of Poljanica Bistrička up to the hill of Vinski vrh. After passing the church at the Vinski vrh, the trail follows the road around 400 m and turns right onto the macadam road to the hilly, forest area towards the hamlet of Brežani.
  3. Before reaching the hamlet, the trail turns left onto the forest path and continues through the diversified forest area, along the old vinedresser’s huts, descending to the hamlet of Jantolek in the valley of the Žitomirko stream.
  4. There from, the trail passes down the asphalted road first in the north direction and then towards northwest, down the flat terrain through the valley of the Žitomirko stream up to the crossroad to the villages of Donji and Gornji Sušobreg.
  5. At the crossroad, the trail continues straight and then turns left to the meadow and macadam climb towards the hamlet of Jambreki. The trail goes down the asphalted road through the hamlet of Jambreki and turns right at the crossing.
  6. After a couple of meters, the trail turns onto the forest road that passes next to the combined power plant Jerkovec and exits in the village of Ratkajec, situated southward next to the village of Konjščina. At the first crossroad, the trail turns right onto the local road in the river Krapina valley and passes further down the flat terrain of this valley.
  7. Afterwards, the trail goes east of the Krapina river, first in the northwest direction, and then towards north through the villages of Pešćeno, Husinec, Maretić and Donji Kraljevec, all the way up to the village of Budinščina and the Equestrian Club KK “Budinščina”.