Equestrian trail number 8
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3h 30min

Equestrian trail number 8

Trail from the Equestrian Club KK Budinščina (Budinščina) over the Lujčekova hiža (Ham-Pokojec) up to the Ranch Chivas (Željeznica)

Equestrian trail number 8 is divided into two sections: from the Equestrian Club KK Budinščina to the mountain lodge Lujčekova Hiža, where there will be a break including option for refreshment and from Lujčekova Hiža to the last estate in the entire equestrian trail, Ranch Chivas. In its initial and shorter part, the trail passes through the hilly area of fields, groves, villages and streams, while in its last and longer part, the trail passes through the woody area of the Ivanščica mountain. In its shorter sections, the trail can be crossed in gallop.

  1. The track begins at the Equestrian Club KK Budinščina, follows the main road next to the St. Joseph the Worker church in Budinščina up to the bridge on the Krapinčica riverbed and thereafter turns suddenly to the northeast, passing only a short section through the meadow next to the very riverbed.
  2. Before reaching the village of Krapinica, the trails goes down the meadow path towards north, crosses the local road in the direction of the village of Krapinica. Then the trail climbs up the field path mostly in the north direction through the fields between the hamlets of the villages of Krapinica and Gotalovec (close to the hamlet of Strahonji, and then through the hamlet of Rički).
  3. After leaving the hamlet Rički, the trail crosses the Topličica riverbed and continues climbing through the hamlet of Turčini up to the Gotalovec lake. At that point, the trail enters the forest path of the Ivanščica mountain and follows the hiking trail “Lujčekova steza”.
  4. Further along, the trail climbs up through the ravine, first through a forest road and then through a forest path, mostly in the northeast direction between the ridge Vini vrh (428 MAMSL) and Pisana pećina (452 MAMSL), to the village of Pokojec. At that place, the trail enters the forest road that leads through the woods with glades here and there, directly to the mountain lodge Lujčekova Hiža. The length of the trail from the Equestrian Club KK Budinščina to Lujčekova Hiža is 8.2 km.
  5. The last section leads through the woods, situated on the Ivanščica mountain. This section begins at the glade surrounded by woods, where there is the mountain lodge Lujčekova Hiža, at an altitude of 434 m. The lodge is situated near the village of Ham-Pokojec, in the area of Frnčev Krč.
  6. To the north from the lodge, the trail leads to the existing and marked hiking trail towards the peak Ham (678 MAMSL). The first section of the trail leads down a narrow ravine with a seasonal watercourse, the first 0.5 km towards west, and then the next 0.5 km towards north to the “intersection” of ravines. At this intersection, there are hiking markings, and there the trail turns to the left ravine and further towards the peak Ham in the southwest direction.
  7. The trail starts slowly climbing, first to the southwest up to the forest opening where the ravine ends (around 0.7 km). Then the trail climbs for a short time in the northwest direction through the woods and further towards the peak Ham following the hiking markings up to the forest intersection of trails (around 0.6 km). At that intersection, the trail leaves the hiking trail and turns onto a forest path to the left towards west.
  8. The trail goes down the wooded slopes of Markuševec, gradually and almost parallel with the contour lines, at the foot of a smaller peak Mali Oštri vrh (461 MAMSL), towards the forest road in the ravine of the Željeznica stream (around 2.4 km).
  9. The trail continues towards north and then to the northeast down the forest road in the ravine of the Željeznica stream to the first hamlet of Željeznica, i.e., to the St. Anna chapel in the center of the village. Behind the chapel spreads the Ranch Chivas (around 3.5 km). The length of the track from Lujčekova Hiža to Ranch Chivas is 8.2 km.