Equestrian trail number 2
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Equestrian trail number 2

Trail from the Taborgrad klet (wine cellar) Grešna Gorica over the castle of Veliki Tabor up to the boarding house Villa Zelenjak-Ventek (the valley of Sutla)

In its first section, the equestrian trail number 2 passes through predominantly forest and hilly area between the valley of the river Sutla and valley of the river Horvatska. The second section passes through rural, hilly region with smaller groves on the hilltops and hamlets surrounded by fields and vineyards. The trail ends in Klanjec in the river Sutla valley, below the wooded hill of Krunplovo. The trail connects the wine cellar Grešna Gorica at the castle of Veliki Tabor and the village of Desinić with the Villa Zelenjak-Ventek in the river Sutla valley near the village of Mihanovićev Dol.

  1. The trail begins at the wine cellar Grešna Gorica and passes through Veliki Tabor, and thereafter the cobblestone road leads down to the village of Hum Košnički.
  2. There from the trail turns to the local road and leads to the south, towards the village of Ivanić Košnički, where on the right side of the trail there is the St. Ivan peak with a small church.
  3. The next 8 km sticks to that direction, passing through the hilly, wooded countryside. Upon arrival to the village of Brezakovec, begins a long and twisty section of the trail, going mostly in the southeast direction, even though certain sections are differently directed due to the serpentines.
  4. In this part, one will catch sight of small Zagorje hamlets surrounded by fields, vineyards and forests. Along the trail, one might come across seasonal, smaller streams.
  5. The trail leads further through villages and hamlets in their geographical order – Gornji Škrnik, Donji Škrnik, Kladnik and Ravno Brezje. This section of the trail consists mostly of local roads, interconnected by main roads. In Ravno Brezje, there is a turn to the left leading towards the final destination, the village of Risvica and Villa Zelenjak-Ventek.
  6. In Risvica, on the right there is the St. Marija Risvica peak with the church. The Villa is situated in the river Sutla valley, below the hill of Krunplovo at the border with Slovenia.