Equestrian trails number 1
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Equestrian trails number 1

Trail from the border with Slovenia in Klenovec Humski over the Terme Olimia spa and the castle of Veliki Tabor up to the Taborgrad klet (wine cellar) Grešna Gorica

The trail starts at the entrance to the forest in the south direction. Shortly after the beginning, there is the St. Vitus church on the left. The trail leads through the village of Klenovec Humski and after approximately 800 m, the trail turns right down the hill and then continues mostly to the west. Over the next 7 km, the trail passes through picturesque villages scattered across the hills, cultivated fields and some groves. Near the village of Vrbišnica, one might come across a lake and seasonal stream Poljanovac. After leaving the village of Kanić, the trail starts climbing and on the left, there is the mountain Druškovec Gora with two peaks: Korekov breg (472 m) and Žolekov breg (499.2 m). After that, the trail leads through the village of Košenine with the old quarry on the left side of the trail.

After this densely populated area, the next section of the trail leads mostly through the forest area, with a length of approximately 8 km. At northern side of the trail, the mountain Brežna Gora stretches with the peaks at the very trail: Štruklečev breg (484.9 m), Grbantov breg (484.5 m) and Koštrunov breg (474.3 m). At southern side of the trail, there are the mountains Mala Gora, Desinić Gora and Sunčana Gora.

In its last section, this trail turns right towards Bojačno and Luke Poljanske and then again, it takes a sharp turn towards north to Harina Žlaka at the border with Slovenia. If desired, it is possible to cross the state border and visit the Olimia spa in Slovenia. After that, the trail leads to the end of the village of Bojačno and turns to the village of Jazbina. In Jazbina, the trails turns again to the right towards south, leading through the forest area and macadam road in the east direction and reaches the village of Hum Kosnički where on the left, there is the St. Magdalena church. Hum Kosnički is the last village before the final destination, the castle of Veliki Tabor and the wine cellar.

  1. The equestrian trail starts in the village of Klenovec-Humski in the Sutla valley, situated at the border with Slovenia. The first section of the trail passes through the villages of this hilly region, separated from each other by forest belts.
  2. The second section of the trail passes through mostly forest area, occasionally interrupted by small hamlets. The greatest part of the trail features a constant exchange of up- and downhills.
  3. The last section of the trail, before reaching the village of Jazbine, turns towards the Terme Olimia spa, where the trail leads from the mostly rural hilly region to the castle Veliki Tabor and to the final destination, the wine cellar Grešna Gorica. The trail occasionally turns into macadam road.