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1h 30min

Equestrian trail number 5

Trail from the excursion site Agroturizam Kos (Brezovo) over Hum Zabočki up to the farm Mirt (Hruševec)

The short equestrian trail number 5 begins at the excursion site Agroturizam Kos in the village of Brezovo, passes partially through the villages of that region and partially through the woods up to Hum Zabočki and the hospital Bračak. The trail crosses the main road and railway line, leading down the valley of the Krapina river to the farm Mirt in Hruševec. The trail leads mostly towards southeast.

  1. The trail can be divided into three sections. The first section begins in Brezovo next to the excursion site and the first kilometer of the trail is directed to the east.
  2. Local road leads close to the fields, through the hamlets where the slope softly changes. The second section begins in the village of Bratkovići, where the trail turns left from the local road onto macadam and leads further through the forest to the hamlet of Gorički.
  3. After a short part down the local road, the trail turns again left onto the macadam road and after passing 500 m through the woods, leads to the open space with the peak Plavinka on the right side (227.3 MAMSL) and village of Hum Zabočki, and with the forest on the left side.
  4. From that point, the trail leads towards the hospital Bračak. Afterwards, the third section of the trail leads along the main road, turns right after 500 meters onto the local road and macadam in the river Krapina valley. After crossing the Krapina river, the trail leads through the fields and meadows, next to the Old Krapina river.
  5. When the trail, going mostly towards south, once again reaches the local asphalted road, it turns left towards the village of Hruševo and the final destination, the farm Mirt.