Ranch Chivas was founded in 2014 and is situated in the village Željeznica, in a narrow stream valley at the foot of the north-western slopes of the mountain Ivanščica. Surround with fields and forests is perfect place for keeping horses. At the ranch Chivas currently live 10 horses, which are our basis for trail rides. We offer accomodation, gastro and trail ride at beutiful nature of mountain Ivanščica.

Guide / host
Your host Tomislav Marcenic is in love with nature, adores horses and enjoy to spend time on mountain Ivanscica. He works with horses in turisam more than 10 years, in this area, owns ranch for 4 years. All 10 horses on ranch are in his training. He have Croatian equestrian licence, certificate from Swiss tracking academy for equine guide (FITE) and AIEW riding licence. Love to spend time with people who love horses, love to show where he rides and so proud on his horses. Safety of his riders and horses, is his number one priority.

Trail ride:
Trail leads through the hilly area, of villages, fields, groves and streams, while in its longest part, the trail takes us through the forest of the Ivanscica mountain, part of Natura 2000, nature protected areas. Shade in forrest and riding near cold stremes is perfect for summer time. Trail connect ranch with agroturisams and mountain houses, where is possible to have lunch, dinner and sleep. Trails are suitable for intermediate or advanced riders. They are 15-25 km long, and can be crossed in 4-6h. In its shorter sections, the trail can be crossed in a gallop. You are welcome to enjoy homemade food and drink, nature, forest, spring water, agrotourism, hill tracks and impressive view points on trails.

Most of rides are stationary and just few are two days ride, with overnight stay in mountain houses or camping in forest.

Non riding activities are cycling, walking, fishing, mountain climbing... That activities have to be agreed in advance.
Bring your horse
Take a holiday with your horse! We have quality accommodation for horses. Bring your horse with you on holiday and improve your horse! Let our experienced guide show you the beauty of Ivanscica mountain, rural country side at a pace that suits you and your horse. For your horse, the forest tracks provide a great off-road training ground for navigating mud, stones, ditches and streams.

We offer your horse:
- wooden stable with 3 boxes under your bedroom window
- pasture, with eaves, connected with stable
- hay and oats local prepared
- spring or waterworks water
- possible to bring your own food
- training and improving skills

Rent a horse
At Chivas we currently care for 10 horses, which allows us a widerange of possibilities for the sustainable, rural and recreational tourism. Our horses are peaceful, calm and obedient, accustomed to people and are our excellent associates.

An old traditional house is located in an untouched nature between hills. Surrounded by woods and animals, it is a perfect place for quite vacation. The accommodation is offered in two rooms with double beds with the option of extra beds. There is also a large living room with dining room, kitchen and bathroom with toilet. All the rooms in the house are heated. There is a free Wi-Fi access. Pats are welcome.

Equipment in the house:
• free Wi-Fi
• free parking
• kitchen with cooking equipment
• bathroom with towels
• bedrooms with bedding
• living and dining room
• central heating / wood
• place for pets

We offer homemade food and drinks prepared in a traditional way to our guests. All dishes are based on original recipes from our region. The speciality of the food is in the preparation of seasonal groceries grown organically by local people. During the season you can pick the vegetables grown in our garden and surrounding fields. The preparation of dishes can be adapted to the wishes of our guests depending on a dish of their preference. We prepare both meat and vegetarian dishes. Drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic, are made from our domestics fruits.
In summer time, the meals are served on an open terrace in natural surrounding with a view to the hills.

Enter forest, enter mountain, enter real happiness