Equestrian trail number 9 - Extension Kraljevec na Sutli

Difficulty level:
Riding time:
2h 30min
Trail length:
14 km

Trail from the center of the village Mihanovićev Dol over Kraljevec na Sutli up to the village of Donji Čemehovec (border with the Republic of Slovenia)

The extension Kraljevec na Sutli connects the villages Mihanovićev Dol and Klanjec with the village of Kraljevec na Sutli and the border with Slovenia. The trail passes through extremely hilly area east of the valley of the river Sutla, mostly with forests at the peaks and slopes of the hills, while the fields and meadows with scattered hamlets can be found in smaller number in the valleys and ravines. The trail from Kraljevec na Sutli to the border ends on the flat terrain of the river Sutla valley. The trail leads mostly towards south.

The trail starts begins in the village of Mihanovićev Dol and for the next 1 km it leads along the river Sutla and the border towards south. From there the trail turns east to the hilly-forested terrain towards the village of Florijan, where it turns south. The trail follows the local road through the woods and sparsely populated, hilly terrain. Rare houses in the woods and along the trail belong to the villages of Gorkovec, Ledine Klanječke, Bratovski Top and Kapelski Vrh. After reaching Kapelski Vrh, the trail descends to the village of Kraljevec na Sutli. There from the trail continues in the southwest direction, through the Croatian part of the river Sutla valley to the Slovenian border in the village of Donji Čemehovec.