Riding in walk
You are curious and would like to try riding in walk? Your decision is the right one, because riding in walk is the first phase of horse riding. Besides making your dream true, while practising riding in walk, you will feel all the joys of moving on horseback as well as warmth and unique beauty of a horse. After learning horse riding basics in the round pen, you can try riding in the open fields under experienced rider supervision. Riding in walk can last for 20 minutes (50 Kunas) or 30 minutes (70 Kunas).

Mini riding school
You have doubts about horse riding; you are not sure if horse riding will make you happy; you know nothing about horse riding! Why wouldn't you just come and try? You will learn how to manage a horse, how to groom a horse, you will learn about horse psychology. For only 350 Kunas, in 90 minutes, you will discover your own possibilities, abilities and your primordial wish to become a true rider.

Riding school
You have always wanted to learn what it is like when a horse walks, gallops and you feel anxious if we talk in „a horse language“. „Give me your reins, take a halter off, make belt shorter, and take stirrup down“… all these phrases you will be taught at our riding school. After the course, you will be given knowledge and skills sufficient for free riding over the fields and to make exhibitions at our round pen.

Recreative riding
You are either a perfectly skilled rider, or you are a new learner – join us at our round pen or in a nearby fields. Yes, here is where you will feel all the magic which riding offers to you – adrenaline, joy and harmony of connection with a horse and nature. The longer you stay, the price is smaller: one hour cost 150 Kunas, the 10 hours package 1.200 Kunas, while the 20 hours package cost 2.200 Kunas.

Birthday party
You are going to celebrate your birthday soon? But, you still don't know where to go with your classmates? Our Centre is the right place for your celebration – try something new, try horse riding! If you already know how to ride a horse, show your skills to your friends, help them to learn about this great activity. The birthday party takes 5 hours, you are free to use the entire Canter’s facilities, and you and your friends are free to play with horses and to try slow riding. Food and drinks are not included, you know best what your friends fancy, so take yours; and, we will order pizza for you, if you like. The cost per person is 50 Kunas, but we offer a 20% birthday discount for you, just because you are our Club's member and it's your birthday 

Team building
You would like to offer something new and exciting to your friends or business partners. Why wouldn't you try horse riding and after a new and exciting experience make your friends possible to enjoy by a grill or nearby restaurants catering offer. We are here to provide you all you need, for 50 Kunas per person.

School trips and excursion groups
You are just passing by or you would like to show your students countryside. We are here to enrich your adventure spirit, or your countryside trip, with something exciting, new and educative. We will teach your group basics about horses and horse riding, let you learn about our services and take each person to slow riding for only 30 Kunas per person.

All activities at the centre „Ritam s konjem“are at your own risk.
Visitors and service users are obliged to abide Centre’s Policy and Regulation which are available at the Centre and on Centre’s web page.